Department of Healing, Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry

(Integrated medical solutions for the health and beauty of your teeth)

We aim to enable our patients to maintain oral health and the health of their teeth, treat severe oral problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. The patients who have lost their teeth permanently can now restore the function and appearance of their natural teeth for life.

Orthodontics Clinic:

Orthodontics has become an essential matter for many of young or old age, and even for children, not only for the aesthetic form, but for special matters related to pronunciation, oral health, teeth and the shape of the face in general.

– All types of traditional orthodontics and transparent braces with distinction from Invinzline company.

– Improving the appearance and smile to get straight teeth, and correct crowding.

– Correction of occlusion of the front and back teeth.

– Preserve prominent teeth from damage.

– Correcting malocclusion or incorrect bites.

– Improving the relationship between the upper and lower jaws, and encouraging better performance in the future.

– Improving the appearance of the face and increasing self-confidence.

Dental treatment and cosmetic clinic: prosthodontics

– Dental implants with zirconium, Emax and porcelain

– Hollywood smile lenses and direct veneers

– Cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers

– Aesthetic dental fillings

– Tooth decay and root canal problems

– Treating children’s teeth and applying fluoride to prevent cavities

– Dental nerve treatment

– Cosmetic dentistry using porcelain veneers, Hollywood smile or direct veneers

– Cast Porcelain Dental Fillings and Aesthetic Photovoltaic Fillings

– Teeth cleaning, polishing and whitening

We also adopt integrative dentistry, which is the dentists’ use of holistic techniques, treating the causes of oral and dental problems, prevention with healthy food and improving the health of the body and the general health of the patient, in addition to treating dental problems by traditional methods.

Dental surgery and implant

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is an important procedure in the treatment of various oral diseases. The surgery and dental implant clinic provides the latest technologies and methods to obtain accurate results within a short period and with minimal pain.

Computer programmed dental implants are the latest and most accurate method in placing dental implants within the jawbone, in addition to the fact that pain, edema and discomfort after the procedure will be minimal, which makes our dental implants one of the most easy and safe oral procedures.

– Cases of single and multiple dental implants within the jawbone

– Cases of dental implants and their compensation with a fixed or movable bridge or single crowns

– Autologous, artificial and alternative bone graft surgeries

– Surgical extraction of impacted teeth, wisdom teeth and root remnants

– Computer-programmed gum cutting and crown lengthening surgeries

– Peak resections, excision of maxillary cysts