Dental Clinics

We believe in the prevention and early diagnosis for optimal oral health. Early diagnosis of diseases, mouth and dental caries is the focus of our attention in the treatment plan from the simplest to the most complex cases.

Dental implants

Our experienced, well trained Dental and maxillofacial Surgeon can treat cases of single and multiple dental implants within the maxillary bone, alongside dental implantation and using fixed or movable bridge or single crowns and perform alternative bone graft surgeries.

Orthodontic and cosmetic clinic

Orthodontics has become an essential need for many adolescents as well as all ages. It is crucial not only for the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, but also is a vital component in speech improvement, gum health, and the integrity of the jaw joint.

Dental treatment and the cosmetic clinic will help you

Dental fitting

Cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve that dazzling Hollywood Smile using cosmetic veneers.

Teeth whitening using the Zoom device

Teeth cleaning and gum infections treatment

Treatment of tooth decay, tooth roots problems, and nerve extraction without pain using the best techniques of preparation and filling with a (Prototype) device

Preventive dentistry to avoid dental caries and oral problems

Treatment of children’s teeth and protect them from dental caries

Treatment of gum problems and diseases

The orthodontic clinic will help you in

All types of orthoses (Invisalign clear) and metal orthoses

Paving crowded teeth

Filling the spaces between the teeth apart

Treatment of protrusion or retraction of the upper or lower jaw.

Treating an open and reverse bite

Ensuring the perfect fit of your teeth

Improving the facial appearance and increasing self-confidence

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • Surgical extraction of the third molars involved in the wisdom tooth
  • Surgical extraction of the ingrown teeth in the jaws
  • Socket pruning and fabrication operations
  • Apex cutting operations
  • Removal of the inflamed soft tissues around the confined third molar
  • Gum and soft tissue surgery and gum grafts
  • Gum cutting and crown lengthening surgery
  • Cyst eradication surgeries
  • Hyperplastic tissue excision surgeries
  • Bridle pruning and cutting surgeries

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