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ًWelcome to “Sama Medical Care”.
I’m Dr. Najlaa Wafai, the medical director of “Sama Medical Care” and a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist. I’m happy to share my career with you. I have worked in the best medical facilities in the region, where I used to provide excellent care and high-quality and distinguished medical services. At “Sama Medical Care”, I follow the same approach, so I always consider values, ethics and standards in medical treatment to provide our services in an atmosphere of compassionate care and personal attention by our highly professional and experienced doctors, and nurses, receptionists and care assistants to make your visit easier, and to meet your health care needs. Visit us to know how we work hard to bring our communities a promising step toward a healthy, prosperous future.

Our Vision

Improving health care and contributing to the formation of a healthier lifestyle for the community.

Our Mission

Providing high quality integrated medical solutions, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere to enrich the health and lives of people in the communities we serve.

Message from Director
Dr. Najla (Sama's story):

Welcome to Sama Medical Care Center.
I’m Dr.Najla Wafai and it’s my pleasure to walk you through my career life where I’ve worked in some of the best medical facilities. I have become accustomed to providing superior care and quality medical services to patients. I’ve also accompanied many women on their motherhood journey. These women have grown to become more than just patients, they became my dear friends.

In Sama Medical Care Center, I continue to follow the same approach by providing exceptional medical care and services to our patients. We contribute to promoting the health care services in Qatar to meet the highest international ranks.

As we witness the apparent growth within our communities in Qatar, we believe that the medical services in our country would continue to rise. We have therefore taken initiatives to ensure that our medical facility is qualified to meet the expectations of advanced healthcare in Qatar.

Hence, we have selected the best dedicated medical and administrative staff who continues to provide the utmost care for our patients.

There is no doubt that it’s easier said than done, but with a vivid plan to achieve our vision and implement our plan into action, and with a little hard work and persistence we can bring about the growth we desire.

Please visit us and witness how we work hard and tirelessly to bring our communities closer, a promising step towards a healthy and prosperous future.

Dr. Najla Wafai
Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant – Medical Director
Sama Medical Care.

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Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics

The obstetrics and gynecology clinics are concerned with providing full care for women in all stages of their life, from adolescence, pre-marriage, post-marriage, prenatal and postnatal. This is conducted by following the latest therapeutic and diagnostic methods of modern technology.

Dermatology Clinic & Laser Treatment

The dermatological and laser treatment clinics at Sama Medical Care, offers comfortable treatment rooms, equipped with the latest advanced medical tools and devices required for laser treatments as well as other technologies that are essential for skincare, health, and cosmetology.

Dental Clinics

We believe in the prevention and early diagnosis for optimal oral health. Early diagnosis of diseases, mouth and dental caries is the focus of our attention in the treatment plan from the simplest to the most complex cases.

Our Experts

Our Medical Specialists

Our doctors and experts are very sincere and professional in handling your every problem, armed with qualified experience in their fields.

Health and lab services by doctors and professional experts aimed at improving the health of the all human race.


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