Dr. Reem Haj Kasem

Specialist – Dermatology, Cosmetics & Laser

Dermatology & Laser Treatment

BDS (Syd. Uni) Implants & Laser Treatments

The skin is an incredible organ. It is your first line of defense against disease, protects your other organs, warms you up and cools you down, and sends messages about how healthy you are inside.

Everyone’s skin is unique. No one understands your skin better than a board-certified dermatologist!

Expert dermatologist knows how to accurately diagnose and properly treat a wide variety of skin conditions from deadly skin cancers to warts.

I know that a skin condition doesn’t have to be life-threatening to reduce a person’s quality of life. I am here to help you with your skin condition, and I completely understand how it can affect your sleep, self-esteem, depression, and productivity.

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