At Sama’s OB-GYN clinics we provide maximum care for women’s health in various stages of their lives. Using the latest medical devices and the different approaches of our professionals, rest assured you will have the most satisfying experience. 

We provide the utmost care to maintain women’s health at every stage of their lives. We stay updated with the most appropriate methods of treatment and medical knowledge. Additionally, we acquire the latest medical devices and equipment to provide unique medical services of true care and compassion.

Gynecology and obstetrics clinics offer:

Obstetrics and Gynecology clinics help spouses prepare for the pregnancy period on a physical and psychological basis, and allow us to follow up with them after successful pregnancy as well as postpartum.

Conducting the necessary analyzes and tests to determine the best time for fertilization

Monitor the growth and health of the fetus and follow up using imaging with the latest technologies such as 3D / 4D ultrasound.

Provide utmost care for pregnant women and those of high-risk pregnancy

Integrated medical solutions to treat recurrent miscarriage and provide the best regimen to deal with it.

We diagnose and provide the right procedures for treating infertility and hormonal problems

Diagnosis and follow-up tests for Pap smears and breast exams for early detection of breast and cervical cancers

Treatment of fertility cases in menopausal women and treating osteoporosis.

Analysis and treatment of viral infections that lead to warts in women as well as treatment of other infections

Evaluation and treatment of female gland and hormonal disorders, such as excessive hair growth.

Consultations on all types of contraception, including IUD insertion

Determine the gender of the fetus by following the ovulation period

Restore your inner femininity without surgery