Women’s health clinics (obstetrics and gynecology)

(Integrated medical solutions for your health and the health of your baby)

We are committed to taking care of women’s health at all ages, as we follow the best methods of treatment, check-up and medical knowledge, in addition to providing the latest devices and equipment for distinguished medical services filled with care and compassion.

We are with you from the beginning of your pregnancy journey to make it an enjoyable journey that ends happily and safely.

– Providing counseling and advice to the couple before pregnancy and during all its stages.

– Pregnancy tests, ovulation monitoring to determine the best time to conceive.

– Ultrasound imaging to monitor fetal development and growth (4D/3D)

– Monitoring normal and high-risk pregnancies, and treatment of recurrent miscarriages

– Diagnosis and treatment of infertility and hormonal problems

– Pap smear and breast examination

– Follow-up and treatment of menopause and osteoporosis

– Treatment of gynecological infections

– Evaluation and treatment of women’s problems in children and adolescents

– Evaluation of the treatment of gynecological / hormonal disorders such as excessive hair growth

– Consultations on all types of contraception and contraception and the installation of the coil

– Cosmetic gynecology for private areas, which includes laser sessions to restore the – freshness and vitality of married life, filler techniques, mesotherapy and chemical peels.